Spooks and Zombies

You might not know this, but Spooks is actually based on my life. Keep it to yourself, mind.

When I was at university I was approached by a mysterious man who identified himself as being from MI5. Of course, we’d all seen him wanking in the bushes outside the girls changing rooms. But he explained that this was merely his cover story. They really are dedicated these chaps, you know. He was hunched there every afternoon for hours, grunting away.

Anyway, he informed me that for just £10 a week I could join the British Secret Service and serve my country. From then on, I was always aware of a shadowy figure keenly and expertly monitoring my every move – especially when I was waiting for my girlfriend outside her keep-fit class on Tuesday’s.

Of course, they’ve changed a few things for Spooks. Sleeping in till noon and watching telly has been replaced with getting up at dawn and saving the commonwealth from terrorists. But the rest is pretty accurate.

Anyway, this latest series saw a new member joining the team, Lucas (played by Harry Potter lookalike Richard Armitage.) They also killed off a major character in the first episode – which as any Spooks fans will tell you is, by now, pretty much standard operating procedure. 

I always really enjoy this show and this episode was a good opener – especially since that scrawny bird who looks and acts like the Predator is back. Scary and bony and ruthless, she’s pretty convincing as the sort of psychopath who might do this kind of thing in real-life.

I also watched the first episode of Dead Set, Guardian TV critic Charlie Brooker’s new zombie drama set in the Big Brother house. The show runs over the next five nights and this first episode started on launch-night, when all the contestants and behind-the-scenes staff are getting ready for the big event. Except outside in the real world, where something weird is happening … 

It was actually much more plausible than I thought it was going to be. And I’m quite glad they decided to leave the satire to the sidelines ( Zombies/Big Brother contestants, too bleedin’ obvious) and instead just make it a good horror story.

I won’t give too much away if you haven’t seen it – but Davina plays a key role. Looks pretty enjoyable stuff really. I’ll be tuning in again tonight. Episode two of Spooks tonight as well, I love this job.


7 Responses to “Spooks and Zombies”

  1. The Tombstone Says:

    I was worried when he said he was using some old real Big Brother contestants but I guess that meant giving them cameos as zombies or something because I couldn’t see any. I’d rather have not seen the real Davina McCall anywhere near it though.

  2. charliemingles Says:

    im quite enjoying this show. better than I thought it was going to be, it sounded shite.

  3. The Tombstone Says:

    I don’t like the pacing of it. Or the fact it’s on every night in half hour chunks. It’s like a film but 2 and a half hours is too long, so they’re padding it out with shit. I hate that bitchy woman and the guy whose girlfriend is in the house. Watching them togther is like dying a slow painful death. I liked the wanker policemen though. I was worried they wouldn’t show figures of authority in a less than positive light and bang, there they were.

  4. charliemingles Says:

    one of charlies post-modern moments: the comedy policemen.

    I agree that its a bit dragged out, but still enjoyable. I like the stuff with the producer and the scottish girl – ‘glad you were chosen?’ he asks as he shits into a bucket.

  5. nursemyra Says:

    have you seen Burn After Reading yet?

  6. charliemingles Says:

    I havent seen it no. Is it good?

  7. nursemyra Says:

    pretty good. wish I hadn’t heard so much hype about it but Coen brothers are fairly reliable and I had quite a few laughs. george cloony played it well but brad pitt was slightly over the top for my taste

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