Silent Witness

It’s a shame this show is so similar to the far superior Waking The Dead. They’re both thrillers about criminal pathologists in exactly the same timeslot with the same structure ( two parter shown over two consecutive nights) but this one is not nearly so good. I’ve only just got round to watching last week’s dreary episode about the terrorist cell and the police SWAT team. Initially, I thought just looking at Emilia Fox would be enough to keep me interested, but she’s gone all scrawny recently and her awkward walk whenever she leaves a scene just reminds me she’s acting, and not very well either.

The other main characters are also not very engaging. There’s the good-looking one with the stubble, and the sensible slightly older one whose wife has died in a car crash. None of them have the on-screen presence to carry a show and the whole thing seems to be crying out for a larger-than-life central character with all the usual personality defects.

You can criticise this sort of formulaic tv all you like, but it definitely needs a Boyle (Waking the Dead, Fatal flaw: angry, son is junkie), Cracker (Fatal flaw: fat gambling misogynist alcoholic), Rebus (Fatal flaw: Scottish) to pull it all together. The scripts aren’t nearly so good as Waking the Dead, one of the best UK drama series’ in a long time. But I think it would still be quite watchable if they had a strong enough central character.

I suggest they get Monkfish, Simon Day’s excellent character from the Fast Show. (See clip above) He’s currently starring as second-fiddle in the excerable Harry and Paul, but I’m sure he’d be far happier in this rubbish instead.

The body’s been struck with a blunt object you say? Nonsense. Stick your knickers on love and make us a nice cup of tea.


2 Responses to “Silent Witness”

  1. Nick T Says:

    I prefer the Monkfish meself….

  2. charliemingles Says:

    we all do sir, we all do.

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