DVD Extra

Another couple of great comedy clips until I can find another tv programme worth reviewing. The criteria for reviewing is quite precise: they have to be shite enough that I can attempt to be amusing, but not so shite that I rip my bollocks off with my teeth in the hope that I bleed to death before the adverts. Not so easy now, is it?

The top clip is Steve Coogan from his short-lived, il-feted, not-as-funny-as-your-other-stuff-you bastard, Tony Ferrino period.  It was always going to be hard to parody something already so absurd and I think this character had a very lmited shelf-life. But the best bits are still funny.

This is Tony with the beautiful Bjork singing ‘Short-term Affair’ for Comic Relief back in the late 90’s. One of my favourite clips. ( Like you give a fuck what my favourite clips are. What is this – This is Your Life? Twat)

The bottom clip needs no introduction …

Okay, the bottom clip needs little introduction. It’s My Lovely Horse from Father Ted. Written by Neil Hannon from The Divine Comedy, it’s actually a really great catchy song and an excellent production. Way too good for Eurovision. 

A folking-bastard friend of mine’s informs me that this song is actually a parody of Ride On by Christy Moore, which sounds plausible. That song is also about a lovely horse – but he was serious apparantly.

We have to lose that Sax solo …


3 Responses to “DVD Extra”

  1. daveselectricblanket Says:

    That Bjork video was great. Are you seen the great Coogan during his current tour? He’s added four Manchester dates and I’m tempted.

  2. charliemingles Says:

    Was thinking about it. But Im not sure I’d enjoy it any more than watching it on DVD. For nothing, having illegally downloaded the DVD once it comes out.

    Call me crazy, but thats how I like to celebrate my heroes, dave old chum: bring them to their knees and the brink of bankruptcy.

  3. Davesthermalpants Says:

    I forget which tense I was in, sometimes. I should stopped doing that,

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