Slapstick – Take 2

After me going on yesterday about how much I hated slapstick, I’m going to contradict myself and post two more great comedy clips that are quite slapstick in style.

The top one is a Tommy Cooper martial arts sketch from the 70’s. If you watched yesterday’s clips, you’ll notice that this sketch has almost exactly the same plot as the Jim Carrey one. Tommy Cooper was one of those old-school comics who came up through the theatres and he wasn’t always comfortable on tv, although his best performances are considered classics.

From this performance, I’m guessing that Cooper was somebody who didn’t always stick exactly to the script. Both the director in deciding which camera to cut to, and the actor playing the interviewer (sorry, can’t remember his name) are having to adapt to his little improvisations.  Some of the humour does date,  but there are some really funny gags, including the immortal:

Interviewer: Now, I believe you have a black-belt.

Cooper: Yes. And before that I had a brown-belt. And before that I had a white-belt.

Interviewer: And before that?

Cooper: My trousers used to fall down.

You can’t argue with gags like that.

Keeping with the martial arts theme, the bottom clip is one of my favourite Monty Python sketches. Monty Python are a bit like The Beatles – everyone says how great they are, but nobody actually listens to their stuff anymore. Many of the sketches look dated now, but the best of their stuff is still inspired.

This sketch, with John Cleese as a lunatic self-defence teacher obsessed with soft-fruit, is still one of my favourites. And it includes one of Cleese’s trademark ‘oooh, gettin’ all high and mighty, eh?’ lines.  

We’re all supposed to eat more fresh frr-oot. Consider this sketch your 5-a-day.


One Response to “Slapstick – Take 2”

  1. nursemyra Says:

    it’s good to see bananas featuring again

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